proper html tags equal better search engine rankings

Structured Metadata & tags

Optimized data = Better Search Engine Rankings

Optimized meta descriptions, ALTs, canonical URL's, schema structured meta data allows for search engines to understand your data better thus they have the ability to rank you better than if not.

Data Is Power -Pay now, provide us with your files or FTP data and within 48 hours you'll have a website that has optimized structured Metadata and html tags.

For hosting we recommend, click on that link and you'll receive a $100 credit.

What Happens During The Process of Optimization?

  • We analyze your competitors
  • Write proper meta tags
  • Implement the proper tags
  • Add other HTML tags that help with SEO
  • Edit/remove tags that are hurting your site
  • Interlink between pages w/ proper Do/Nofollow tags

BONUS Services Included

OG/Twitter Card Tags

OpenGraph tags & TwitterCard tags to leverage social sharing better!

Ping/Sitemap Submission

We'll ping & submit sitemap to get re-indexed

30 Days

We help where we can and assist.

The Benefits

  • Better click-thru rates
  • Potential display on search engine rich snippets
  • Website traffic increase
  • Search Engine Rankings Improve
  • New leads = Sales

If you get/have Digital Ocean hosting we will also install/implement an SSL by LetsEncrypt.